Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sweet Dreams

I was amazed by how our newborn Princess Angelica's sleeping pattern was different from my own. She slept most of the time but at night she would wake up frequently most of the time because she was hungry or needed to be changed. I was really sleep deprived during her first few months because I had to acknowledge her calls quickly or else she would be awake the whole night! Experts said that mothers should respond really quickly during the first two months because newborns were not capable of settling themselves was true, because if I failed to come to her fast enough, she wouldn't get back to sleep...what she would do after being fed or changed was play the whole night through!!! so both of us would be awake!

When she was about three months old, even if I didn't attend to her right away, after I gave the bottle of milk to her, she would settle back to sleep...finally, Mom could sleep back for hours before it's her feeding or changing time again!zzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. wowo ninang, ang gaganda talaga ng ginagawa mong scrapbooks :) hehe kakainggit! i wish may tiyaga din ako at nagawan ko si JT :)